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Hello! Welcome to Queen Maddyn! 

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Stylish & Comfortable Gowns, Swaddles, Robes and more designed by a Mom made for a Queen

A few things you need to know!

  • We are so grateful that you stopped by to see our website! Now lets add Queen Maddyn to your Boutique! 

  • Minimum opening order is $250

  • Minimim Reorder is $100

  • Minimum of 3 per size of the same style
  • Turn around time is 3-5 business days

  •  Store that are not allowed to sell Queen Maddyn - Buy in Groups or auctions sites such as Ebay

  •  Each item must be marked up at LEAST double your wholesale cost. If you do not abide by this rule your account will be closed.

  • You may only place your Queen Maddyn products on sale after 60 days of attempting to sell them. We value our brand and know others do as well.

  • You may always use our pictures to advertise but are never allowed to remove the watermark.





We are grateful for all of our boutiques. Nothing makes us happier than helping and seeing others succeed in their business dreams.

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